Our Strengths

A Valuable Phonics Class for Toddlers and Kids in Singapore

It can be difficult to find the right phonics class for your toddler in Singapore, and you want to ensure that you are providing the best for your child. If you’re looking for a preschool or enrichment class, we can help. Thankfully, with Growing Up Gifted, there is a school that caters to all children of varying abilities.

An Array of Programmes Designed for Success

We provide award-winning and specially-designed activities that captivate and engage young children from 8 months to 8 years old in the learning of language, literacy, logical thinking, math, social, and problem-solving skills. Our well-rounded approach sets us apart from the rest, as we offer a comprehensive curriculum that can’t be beaten.

A Dedicated and Understanding Team

Founding Director, Deanne Duffield (M.Ed), is a certified Curriculum Specialist in Early Childhood and Gifted Education, who works along with a superb team of early childhood and dedicated professionals. We are here for you and your family when it comes to a quality early education for your toddler and child.

An Unbeatable Approach

Integrating Gifted Education and Multiple Intelligences strategies with a comprehensive preschool curriculum, we reach out to every student by providing the 3 most important aspects when it comes to quality education. With our smaller class sizes and trained educators intuitive to a child’s educational requirements, we offer the individual attention and guidance that every student needs and deserves in their early years of education. 

Book your child in for our phonics-based preschool class today

If you’ve been searching for a preschool and kindergarten programme that can achieve measurable success for all children of varying abilities, then Growing Up Gifted is the school for your child. We provide a stellar, all-rounded curriculum that promotes the development of multiple intelligences, as well as strong reading and writing skills. Let us help your child achieve the milestones necessary for a solid foundation for later learning. Take the faster track to a bright future and enrol in a phonics-based toddler or kindergarten class with Growing Up Gifted today!