About Us

Expertise, Experience & Quality


Growing Up Gifted was established in 2002 by Deanne C. Duffield (M.Ed), who is U.S. qualified Curriculum Specialist in Early Childhood and Gifted Education. Initially conceived to address the founder’s need for “the best preschool” for her son, our school started as a little corner unit in a mall. Over the years, enrolments grew steadily by word-of-mouth publicity, from 20 students to a few hundred students weekly! Today we are one of the top preschools in Singapore. Despite our long-standing stellar results with children, however, our mission has remained unchanged since 2002 – which is to offer your child the best preschool education based on gifted education concepts. What we are NOT is a mass-produced preschool with multiple centres. What we ARE is a preschool highly focused on providing premium results and quality through real expertise.

We care deeply about providing an empowering learning environment. Every effort is made to achieve this continuously with authentic expertise in curriculum, and high-quality teachers and resources. We are here to help your child acquire the necessary skills needed to experience both success and joy in their milestone achievements.

Growing Up Gifted’s curriculum is both holistic and progressive. And having come a long way to being one of the top preschools in Singapore, we can assure you that your child will not only be well equipped for the academic demands of the Singapore primary school syllabus, but also for the developmental challenges of their growing years.


"We have been nurturing smart, thinking children since 2002. Higher thinking abilities, creative thinking skills, and leadership qualities are developed at a young age. We help our students achieve them through a process that is entirely fun, exciting and motivating." ~ Deanne Duffield

Growing Up Gifted Students Stand Out In Primary Schooling

Even though we welcome children of all abilities into our classrooms, track records have shown that 94-97% of GUG Kindergarten graduates are ranked within the TOP 10 Students of their respective Primary Schools and/or P1 classes;

and a high percentage of up to 25% of our students gain admissions to Singapore’s Gifted Education Programme (GEP).