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Founding Member

Growing Up Gifted was founded in 2002 by Deanne Duffield (M.Ed), a U.S. trained Curriculum Specialist in both Early Childhood Education and Gifted Education. She personally takes care of the curriculum and continues to handwrite every lesson and activity, ensuring to provide a rich and inspiring preschool journey where children’s intelligences, characters and values are positively developed from their pre-nursery to kindergarten years.

Deanne’s work in education spans over 25 years of writing innovative school curricula, phonics readers and workbooks – as well as devising thousands of classroom activities that promote literacy through fun, creativity and laughter. In 2002, her mission to nurture early readers and writers led her to pioneer fun-based phonics classes for babies and toddlers in Singapore, followed by the founding of Book + Pen Masters® reading and writing programme.

Dedicated Professional Members

Equally important, our school is made up of a family of dedicated members including qualified and committed early childhood educators, some of whom have been part of our GUG family for either more than or close to a decade.

Together we share one aspiration, and come together to fulfill one mission: To successfully create a learning environment that will realize children's potentials, and propel them to greater heights.



DEANNE C. DUFFIELD Founding Director & Curriculum Specialist
Master of Education (US); Cert. Multiple Intelligences Strategies; LL.B (Middle Temple, UK)
ANNE WONG Director & Chief Administrator
Dip. Teaching (UK), Cert. Child Psychology (UK), Professional Cert. Finance & Investments
IVY VAN HUIZEN General Manager
DEBBIE GOH Administration Manager


Kindergarten Principal
Dip. Early Childhood Care & Education (Leadership)
Dip. Early Childhood Care & Education (Teaching)

LU QING XIN Head of Mandarin Department