• Our Strengths


Making a Difference with The Best

For over a decade now, Growing Up Gifted has excelled as a leading preschool and kindergarten in Singapore. We reach out to every student with:


1. A top-notch preschool curriculum that has been developed with genuine care and expertise, and incorporates Gifted Education and Multiple Intelligences strategies.


2. Progressive teaching methods including customized readers and workbooks of unsurpassed quality - all of which encourage active participation, fun and discovery to successfully promote early literacy, self-confidence, creative thinking and social awareness.


3. High quality teachers who are able to deliver the above with skill and devotion, so that every child may grow into a positive, well-balanced and successful individual.


We are committed to help children benefit from a solid academic foundation and head-start, but also grow up with a joy for learning and passion for life.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help children realize their gifts, and propel them to greater heights.

Our Philosophy & Convictions

  • Every child is born with a combination of unique abilities and gifts. These are realized only when there is appropriate stimulation and guidance in the child’s environment.
  • We firmly believe in nurturing all forms of intelligences so as to lay the foundation for fulfilling children’s potential.
  • We also believe that to be successful in life, children must possess positive values like being kind, respectful and considerate.
  • The purpose of Growing Up Gifted’s existence is to help nurture young children’s intellect and holistic development by focusing on fostering the 4 Cs:


1. Critical Thinking
Children must have analytical and logical thinking skills, and know how to apply them in order to make sense of the world they live in, as well as to solve problems. Our curriculum helps to develop inquisitive, reflective and critical thinkers.

2. Creativity
We provide plenty of appropriate opportunities for children to develop creative thinking skills.  Our curriculum motivates children to be imaginative, explore, take risks to think out of the box, and to innovate.

3. Communication
We believe that it is critical for children to develop strong language and literacy abilities. Across all age groups, our holistic curriculum empowers students through activities and techniques that promote confident speech, reading and writing skills, supported by customized readers and workbooks of unparalleled quality. Strong language skills enable children to explore the world through questioning, reading and investigating. They become confident readers and writers, who excel in communication, negotiation and conflict resolution.

4. Consideration
Children should also grow up with good values where they show consideration and kindness towards others, their environment and the world that we all share and live in. We teach our students to be caring and respectful individuals, and to assume age-appropriate responsibilities. They are helpful and cooperative as they work and play alongside other children and adults.