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Unlike other preschool, kindergarten and playgroup programmes in Singapore, Growing Up Gifted provides a specially-designed thematic curriculum which spans widely across fascinating subjects that are not limited to what is “commonly” taught. Our methods successfully engage very young children in their learning of language, math, science, art, social and problem-solving skills by way of exciting hands-on discoveries and experiments, stories and rhymes, puppetry and music, fun-filled activities and games.
As a pioneering preschool in Singapore (and the world!) that teaches play-based phonics to children starting from as young as 8 months old, we know how to lay the crucial foundation to literacy skills and early reading. Through the years, our preschool has enabled students in Singapore to read words phonetically (and not by rote) by the age of 18 - 30 months.
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Gifted Babes playgroup


Ages 8 to 18 months (1.5-hr sessions)

  • Rich in stimulation and discovery.
  • Motivate exploration with their five senses, promote early speech and language skills through the use of interactive objects, prints, sound, colours and textures.
  • Appealing and safe activities include popcorn-making, playing bongos to African beats, and hand-painting with delicious ice-creams.
  • Introduction to play-based Elementary Phonics and confidence-building games for infants.
  • Encourage children to respond openly and confidently to new experiences, challenges and socialization.
  • Introduction to Mandarin stories, songs, puppetry and hands-on fun.

Gifted Tots playgroup


Ages 1.5 to 2.5 years (2-hr sessions)

  • Rich in excitement and exploration.
  • Variety of activities designed to develop early reading and counting skills, logical thinking, creativity and joy for communication.
  • Intermediate Phonics that lay the foundations for literacy through actions, giggles and fun!
  • Promote optimal growth with playful rhymes and story drama, science and cooking experiments, music and movement, art and crafts.
  • Multi-sensory discoveries and activities including tracing an ant trail, constructing a college with fresh flowers, and creating hair-raising static electricity.
  • Introduction to Mandarin with Chinese stories, songs, craft, storytelling and games.

Gifted Kids (Nursery 1) preschool


Ages 2.5 - 3.5 years (3-hr sessions)

  • Nurturing and motivating.
  • Encourage and support students in taking their first steps toward independence.
  • Incorporates broad-based learning experiences to promote speech, reading and writing skills, logical thinking, math concepts and creativity, positive emotional and social development.
  • Successful development of early literacy skills with acclaimed phonetic sound-blending techniques, and Creating Readers & Writers© books.
  • Encourage confidence, creativity and logical thinking with thematic projects, songs and movement, Share & Tell, science experiments and other hands-on activities.
  • Independent or collaborative projects include building a city using recycled materials, learning to bake muffins and creating rhythmic music with self-made musical instruments.
  • 30 minute Mandarin Appreciation to develop your child’s interest, comprehension and vocabulary through Chinese stories, songs, rhymes, games and hands-on projects.