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The Top Choice for Kindergarten in Singapore

Growing Up Gift prides itself on having a reputable kindergarten in Singapore.
Applying quality teaching and learning strategies, our nursery and kindergarten programmes will not only prepare your children for formal schooling, but just as importantly, we will groom them into intelligent, confident and well-balanced individuals.
As a world-class kindergarten in Singapore, our thematic curriculum provides exciting stimulation and opportunities for reading, creative composition, cooking, artwork, drama and musical instrument performances, journaling, science experiments, songs, and games! There is just so much for our students to learn, discover and feel excited about:
  • English Literacy
  • Computer Studies
  • Science
  • Show & Tell
  • Mathematics
  • Speech & Drama
  • Chinese Literacy
  • Art & Craft
  • Social Studies
  • Music & Dance
  • Outdoor Games
  • School Library
  • Creative Writing
  • Cooking Fun

In our classrooms, we believe that very few topics or issues are too difficult for young children to grasp if they are explained with appropriate words, imagery and concrete analogies. Students are taught to think expansively, critically and compassionately, and to express themselves with reason and confidence.
More programme details are available from our Administration Office.

Enrol your child in kindergarten today!

At Growing Up Gifted, we offer more than kindergarten when it comes to early childhood education and development. Choose us for your child’s preschool, enrichment and phonics classes today! 

Age 4 years (4-hr sessions)

  • Richly creative and stimulating, designed for higher learning.
  • Focus on promoting strong reading and writing skills with effective strategies including award-winning Zoophonics®, Truly Decodable Phonics Readers©  and Creating Readers & Writers© workbooks.
  • All-rounded activities that promote holistic development, confidence, self-esteem and social skills.
  • Exciting off-site adventures to reinforce and extend learning experiences outside the classroom.
  • Daily 40 minutes of Mandarin Appreciation to deepen your child’s comprehension and vocabulary through Chinese stories, songs and rhymes.

    Age 5 and 6 years (4-hr sessions)

    • Designed for higher learning, challenges students to think expansively, critically and with consideration and kindness for others and the environment.
    • Strong focus on language, reading and writing, and a comprehensive coverage of math, sciences and humanities.
    • Weekly social studies of courageous personalities and other positive role models to promote general knowledge and character development.
    • Various genres of music including jazz, classical, country, rock and swing are introduced through songs, percussion and dance. Children learn to play the recorder flute or keyboard with staged performances.
    • Learn the fundamentals of computer typing skills, creation of documents and illustrations.
    • Thematic adventures and off-site expeditions where children engage in inspiring science exploration, stories, creative writing, games, craft, cooking, and drama.
    • Daily 55-minute Mandarin lessons help to prepare your child well for Primary 1 syllabus.