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Book + Pen Masters®

Developed with over 20 years of intensive research and expertise, Book + Pen Masters® teaches smart techniques for learning phonics, reading and creative writing skills. This programme is supported by the best quality learning tools including the award-winning Zoo-phonics® system, Truly Decodable Phonics Readers©, Book + Pen Workbooks© and Super Writing Workbooks©.
There are 8 Mastery Levels for children 3.5 to 8 years old. These are independent classes where students attend without caregivers. For admissions, students are given a free Proficiency Assessment and assigned a suitable commencement Mastery Level. Thereafter, we will teach your child smart and effective techniques for:

  • Phonetic sound-blending and word formation
  • Fluent reading and spelling
  • Comprehension and grammar skills
  • Penning descriptive sentences and interesting paragraphs
  • Writing different genres of creative forms including fiction, factual reports, character studies and poetry

With Book + Pen Masters®, it is our promise that your child will achieve milestone successes in both reading and writing skills – and at the same time, be well prepared for the Primary School English syllabuses.