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Thanks to GUG, Russell is doing very well in Primary One and his academic performances in English and Math have been very good. His self-confidence, largely developed in GUG, has helped him to face the challenges in the early stage of P1. GUG has helped to develop in Russell an early love for reading, which has led to his interests in studying, and makes him well-informed of his environment. But more than the academic aspect, GUG has instilled in our children good character, self-confidence, respect and compassion for others. Parents have nothing to worry for their children -- after GUG, they are more than ready for Primary School.


Mother of Russell Robleado (K2 graduate)


Arel has been attending GUG since a baby. Both he and I have experienced nothing short of an exciting curriculum that is valuable and enriching, yet entertaining. GUG can definitely pride itself with worthy programmes delivered by equally worthy educators.  Having attended Gifted Babes and Gifted Tots programmes together with my son, I can personally attest to the quality and dedication of GUG’s teachers. They motivated him and gave him the confidence to speak and sing, and express himself effectively at a very tender age.


Mother of Arel Poh (Gifted Kids)


GUG has MORE than prepared Ryan for the Primary 1 curriculum! Ryan's P1 teacher always had to customize his work as he was way ahead of his class, especially in English and Math. I also feel that GUG has excellent science lessons which Ryan was very interested in and often remembered what he learnt. I like that children are taught to be compassionate -- to share, care, be gentle, feel for others etc. However, having said that, GUG's academic curriculum is far superior to any. If you ask me, Primary 1 is a regression, not a progression, after kids have gone through GUG.

Dr Patricia Chew

Mother of Ryan Chew (K2 graduate, joined GUG since 16 mo)