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Art is a skill that is nurtured and here at GUG Preschool is where your little one can embrace their love for art and unleash their inner Van Goghs and Picassos. The journey of expression and discovery through art is a meaningful and creative experience; all of which is a part of our preschool programme that gives the best start to your child’s early years.

Our unique curriculum takes on multi-sensorial strategies of gifted education and multiple intelligences, making everyday learning exciting and most importantly, fun! Explore an array of brightly-coloured methods of creating art through activities that are designed to inspire, educate and entertain.

Find out more about how our specially curated programmes will not only develop your child’s intellect, physical abilities and creative thinking, but also their social and communication skills as they learn and grow alongside their classmates.

We have limited vacancies left in our preschool, so talk to our Principals and our teachers to learn more about what GUG has to offer your little one. For every child that visits us during this period, they will receive a special colouring gift set. Enrol and enjoy in-house promotions and a registration fee waiver! 

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GUG Preschool @ Tampines

Address: 300 Tampines Ave 5, #07-01/-07. Tampines Junction.
Singapore 529653 ​

GUG Preschool @ Thomson

Address: 2 Derbyshire Road
Singapore 309458

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