Growing up Gifted

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About Our Preschool

Fun in Learning

Here at Growing up Gifted, we immerse your child in multiple subjects from the learning of language, math, science, art, social and problem-solving skills through exciting hands-on discoveries and experiments, stories and rhymes, puppetry and music, fun-filled activities and games.

Specialized Literacy Program

We teach play-based phonics to children starting from as young as 8 months old. We lay the crucial foundation to literacy skills and early reading. This has enabled our students in to read words phonetically by the age of 18 – 30 months.

A Holistic Environment

At Growing up Gifted, we don’t just enrich your child’s mind, we also strive to incorporate good values in them. We believe that a complete education is one which also teaches good values, showing consideration and kindness to others.
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