GUG Preschool @ Katong

Designed with the children’s interests in mind, GUG Preschool @ Katong boasts an impressive indoor playground, complete with an outdoor playground feel of green grass, slide and climbing frame, a ball pit and a sand pit.

Located in this historic area of Katong & Joo Chiat, GUG Preschool @ Katong features a hidden grandeur behind the glass doors. Here is where your little ones can unleash their inner explorer and let their creativity run free. 

With plenty of room to grow up in and spacious classrooms that adapt to each child’s learning needs, there are no limits to what your child will learn. An experiential educational journey awaits every child, in an environment surrounded by visually stimulating learning materials while under the guidance of a dedicated team of educators. 


GUG Preschool @ Katong offers a spacious and nurturing learning environment, with our 5-Point Intelligence™ curriculum designed to develop the whole child with higher order thinking abilities.

The 5-Point Intelligence™ is GUG’s unique approach that encompasses the best teaching practices of early childhood education, gifted education & multiple intelligences. Backed by 60,000 hours of research and development, and fully supported by Neuroscience, our 5PI approach has been time-tested on more than 15,000 preschoolers in Singapore over 20 years with proven success. The 5PI Curriculum is designed to nurture the 5 Courage Skills in young children. Together, they develop the “whole child with higher order thinking abilities”, and prepares them for even greater learning and achieving.

Courageous Learning

Courageous Thinking

Courageous Innovating

Courageous Communicating

Courageous Cheerleading

Parents Testimonials

My daughter joined GUG Katong in March 2021 and we were so glad to have made the decision to transfer her out from another preschool she was in. The teachers and principal, Ms Yvelyn were so lovely and have made her time in school such an enjoyable and a memorable one. And it was in this school that our daughter started to love the Chinese language because of her Chinese teacher. I strongly recommend GUG Katong if any of you are looking for a preschool in this area.
Jaime Ng
Ryan just started school in the playgroup class, he settled in very quickly. Now every morning, when he wakes up, the first thing he tells us is “I want to go to school”, we used to send him at around 8.30am, now we have to send him at 7.30am. He loves the teachers and already made vast improvement in his English and can identify some letters and their phonetic sounds. He can also feed himself independently during meal times. He is also very proud to bring home his artworks!
Ivy Zhu

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