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Unlike other preschool, kindergarten and playgroup programmes in Singapore, Growing Up Gifted provides a specially-designed thematic curriculum which spans widely across fascinating subjects that are not limited to what is “commonly” taught. Our methods successfully engage young children in their learning of language, math, science, art, social and problem-solving skills by way of exciting hands-on discoveries and experiments, stories and rhymes, puppetry and music, fun-filled activities and games.

As a pioneering preschool in Singapore (and the world!) that teaches play-based phonics to children starting from as young as 8 months old, we know how to lay the crucial foundation to literacy skills and early reading.

Applying quality teaching and learning strategies, our preschool programmes will not only prepare your child for formal schooling, but just as importantly, we will groom them into intelligent, confident and well-balanced individuals.

With this award, we’re encouraged to continue providing an excellent environment for our students to realise their unique potential in the classroom and beyond.

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